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Return all contracts you benefited since Ghana went to IMF – W/R Minister to Ken Agyapong

The Western Regional Minister, Kwabena Okyere Mensah says Kennedy Agyapong must not be hypocritical by blaming the Vice President, Dr. Mahmoud Bawumia for Ghana’s economic woes.

Speaking to Kwame Malcolm on Radio 360’s flagship morning show Y3nsom in Takoradi, the Western Regional Minister rebuffed claims by Kennedy Agyapong that Dr. Bawumia who claims to be a strategist has ended up taking Ghana to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

“We were all in the country when Covid broke, were you the one who manufactured Covid? Even the IMF who is giving us a bailout said we (NPP) did not create the problem, as our economic challenges are as a result of Covid. The other one is the take or pay electricity contracts by the erstwhile NDC government so what has that got to do with either Dr. Bawumia, or myself or Ken Ofori-Atta taking us to the IMF?” the Western Regional Minister quizzed?

The Member of Parliament for Takoradi further called out the outspoken Assin Central legislator not to be hypocritical about the benefits he is deriving as a major contractor under the NPP.

“Sometimes you encounter an accident in life; Ghana is a member of the IMF and they have given us some assistance during Covid. Since Ghana went to the IMF the cedi is stabilizing. What intrigues me however is, between you and I, we all know one of the biggest government contractors is the man you are talking about (Kennedy Agyapong).

“When things were bad and he was benefitting, that was right, but now that he wants to be a Presidential candidate, he has forgotten about all those benefits he derived and wants us to forget about all that? Then he should reverse (SIC) all those contracts he earned and hand it to others and say because Ghana is now back to the IMF, I will not take any government contract again.

“If he continues like that then technically you want to act like a greedy person who wants to benefit both ways. If he wants to find someone to blame for Ghana going to the IMF , why won’t he also along the lines of equity say that he will not take any of the contracts he is taking during this IMF period? He is just misleading people and it needs to be straightened. He is like Former President Mahama who will accept the havoc done to our economy by Covid when he is outside the country but when he is in Ghana, he blames every economic woe on President Akufo-Addo. They are the double tongued people we need not trust,” the Western Regional Minister stated.

The lawmaker said that credit must be given to the Vice President for going through thick and thin to ensure the economy regains its sound footing as the cedi is stabilising.

He added that the campaign approach by Presidential aspirants as in the likes of Kennedy Agyapong is changing and now shifting goal posts to suit their interest.



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