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RETURN AVOKE TO UEW …Rawlings Petitions Confused Govt


Former President Jerry John Rawlings has described the dismissal of Professor Mawutor Avoke as Vice-Chancellor of the University of Education, Winneba (UEW) as a “clear case of injustice” and has accordingly petitioned the government of Ghana, through the office of the National Security Minster, to correct the abnormality with a sense of urgency.

According to the former President the continuous punishment of Prof. Avoke for a crime which he has been found to be completely innocent of is “justice denied and untenable”

Mr. Rawlings, in a confidential correspondence dated Thursday October 24, 2019 and addressed to the National Security Minister, argued that: “the Economic and Organized Crime office (EOCO) which investigated allegations against Professor Avoke and five others  has exonerated the six persons.

“Unfortunately, during the pendency of the investigations, the affected persons were dismissed from the University by the previous Council of the University. That action has created a complex situation, leaving the exonerated Prof. Avoke and his colleagues still out of work.”

The former President noted further: “Honourable Minister, there is a clear case of injustice here and the continued non-resolution of this matter is justice denied and untenable. As per the Professor’s request, I will be grateful if you can look into the merits of the latest developments and take the necessary steps in consultation with the relevant stakeholders that will be satisfactory, justifiable and equitable in the eye of the law”.

Confused Government

It is embarrassing that Professor Avoke was dismissed as Vice Chancellor of UEW over allegations which he has been completely exonerated of after the issues were thoroughly investigated by EOCO.  Prof. Avoke was replaced by a rather contentious Priest;  the Very Reverend Father Prof. Anthony Afful-Broni, who has recently been indicted and found guilty in a EOCO investigative report.

For reasons best known to the Nana Akufo-Addo led government, the exonerated Vice-Chancellor has remained out of office while the indicted Vice-Chancellor rather is being protected to remain at post even though his tenure as VC the University has been marked by chaos, gunshots, bloody and violet riots, reported cases of victimization and logical suspicion of anti-government maneuverings.

Afful-Broni Causing Trouble

Prof. Anthony Afful-Broni, has been accused by several relevant stakeholders of UEW of masterminding the unrest and season-of-confusion that has disrupted the peace of the University.

One of such indictments, was captured in a strong-worded statement written by the Chief of Effutu Zongo, Salaki Sulemana Salaga IV.

The Chief insinuated that Very Reverend Father Prof. Anthony Afful-Broni, was doing party politics with questionable funding: “If you have gotten your independent candidate you are sponsoring to contest the 2020 elections, go ahead and do so with your ill-gotten wealth but not at the expense and reputation of our dear MP.

“I wonder why you shamelessly indulge in such conduct when not too long ago, you and Bawa came to my Palace, pleading with me to talk to government officials to withdraw auditors from the Auditor General’s Department. If you are that clean and haven’t misappropriated state funds, why were you afraid of an audit? I recall your apprehension that should the audit continue, there will be a ‘big shame’ on your image”, the Effutu Zongo Chief, Salaki Sulemana Salaga IV partly stated in his letter of accusations against Afful-Broni.

Already, Vice Chancellor Affull-Broni has been dragged to the office of the Special Prosecutor to be investigated on allegations of a misappropriated amount of GHc 5.7 million.

Even before dust settles on the fraud allegation, the alumni and students of the University  have publicly insisted the Vice-Chancellor, Rev Fr Prof Anthony Afful-Broni, must either resign or get sacked for “wrongfully” dismissing some senior lecturers of the school and victimizing staff members he suspects would not bow his dictates.


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