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Return Our Lands – La Youth Tells Gov’t


The Coalition of La Youth Association (COLA) has expressed displeasure over government’s inability to give them back their lands.

According to the group, the government as a matter of urgency must endeavor to return all unused lands acquired for various purposes currently in the states custody.

At a news conference in Accra yesterday, Nii Amoah Nai, Chairperson for COLA stated “We would want to use this medium to tell Akufo-Addo-led government that we don’t and we would not want to join the singing chorus Nana has deceived us though that is the true reflection on the ground. We want our lands back now and not tomorrow”.

He said there were numerous promises made by the Akufo-Addo led NPP which included the release of lands to La GaDangme region after series of agitations by COLA.

Amoah Nai disclosed that irrespective of the several agitations the government as yet had not released the said lands

“The president campaigned on these kinds of promises that he was going to return our lands to us (the GaDangmes) so at the end of the day we are expecting the president to fulfill his campaign promises’’ COLA agitated.

The COLA chairperson recalled that in June last year, the president during a durbar organized in his honor by the paramountcy’s of La, Teshie and Nungua reiterated his pledge.

In an interaction with THE PUBLISHER Amoah Nai protested the purported erection of late major Mahama’s statue on their land saying that “we do not want the statue on our land – a land that does not belong to you in the first place, how can a perching bird become the owner of the tree to dictate the pace of development?” he said.

“As a military hierarchy have you considered that in history of Ghana there is a more hero in the name of sergeant Adjetey in La who deserves better than your worshipping hero” He further argued.

COLA has also called on government to evict the military encroachment on their land and that they are prepared to battle government to attain their lands not only the military land but other lands in other parts of Accra.

“we are expecting the president to make sure that the lands that the military has acquired illegally should be returned to us legally and we are not only limiting ourselves to the military land we are also exploring the chances of getting all the land that has been acquired especially Adenta land which is over 600 acres and in the previous government it was given out cheaply.”

“The Legon land which has not been used and for which the lease period has expired. We are also talking about the Cantonments land, the Nyaniba estate and the Madina lands that has been acquired by government of which compensation has not been given. And even if compensation has been given and what ever purpose they acquired it for is no longer in place we want those lands to be reverted back to us”.

They notified the government they will take further actions should the government not heed to their call.

“Mr. president we are by this press conference serving notice that, no further notice would be required for an all-out-action, should we not hear favorably from the presidency and also we shall find all appropriate means of resolving these matters one way or the other before the year’s Homowo’s celebrations”.

By: Sandra Amevor and Sally Gonyo

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