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Ronaldinho Spent 40th Birthday In Paraguayan Jail


Brazil and Barcelona legend, Ronaldinho, is said to be adapting to life in a Paraguayan jail where he has been incarcerated for about a month and is being investigated for entering the country with a fake passport.

The former world player of the year had a rough bedding-in period but now appears to be, if not enjoying his stay in jail, making the most of it.

Earlier in his stay, reports from the prison say his mates continually offered him snacks, in an attempt to make him feel welcome and make his adjustment to life in the Paraguayan jail much easier.

However, Ronaldinho, still in shock over his incarceration, was reluctant to accept any gifts. He eventually warmed up to his mates and started accepting snacks and tea, Marca reported at the time.

In fact, Ronaldinho became accustomed to his fellow inmates that he would have long conversations with some of them about his days in football.

A number of the inmates, who were in awe of having such a huge star join them, couldn’t resist asking him for autographs, which the ever-jovial star was happy to sign.

Reports indicate that even the prison guards could not help requesting the Brazilian to sign autographs for themselves and their kids.

Having been ordered to remain in jail by the judge, after his first appearance in court, Ronaldinho joined a football team in jail, where he showed that class is permanent.

‘Dinho’ dominated the trophy match, scoring five goals and assisting six more, with all kinds of tricks and flicks along the way as his side won the 16kg smoked pig on offer.

Prior to the game, there had been a huge bidding war for the player, with many teams keen to have him in their ranks.

One of the policemen actually lent him a pair of shoes to play in. Aside football, which is certainly Ronaldinho’s first love, the player has been learning carpentry in the jail.

He has also taken to teaching the inmates some of the skills that made him a global icon and plays football everyday.

“He plays football every day and teaches the guys he plays with a few tricks,” a source told ESPN.

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