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SAMBO4 football team …the Teshie club with prospects

Football has always been a popular sport in many communities, and when a local team thrives, it brings great sense of pride and unity to the area. SAMBO4 football team in Teshie – a suburb of Accra has made such massive impact in the local community, with other positive effects on the community members.

The team which consists of young boys have had a dream, passionate about football, and longed over the years prayed for such an opportunity to showcase their skills and make a positive impact in the community. This dream led them to form the SAMBO4 football team. The team was composed out of talented players from diverse backgrounds, with the believe in the power of unity and teamwork. They have practiced diligent steps, honed their skills and worked on strategies that would make them special on the field.

News about the team have quickly spread throughout the township, and soon enough, the team has attracted attention from the community members. They have derived all manner of support, both emotional and physical from the people.

As the team’s reputation grow, the SAMBO4 players have become role models for the younger children in Teshie. Football workshops, where they share their knowledge and skills with aspiring players having the edge to emphasize the importance of discipline, dedication, and teamwork, and further encourage the children to pursue their dreams both on and off the field.

But SAMBO4’s impact has extended far beyond the football pitch. They recognized that football is a powerful tool for social change. With the help of their supporters, they have organized series of campaigns, aimed at keeping the streets of Teshie at peace.

The SAMBO4 team’s efforts have not been unnoticed. Local media outlets have given the necessary support, bringing attention to the positive work they have been doing in the locality. Their story has resonated with people across Ghana and even caught the attention of other organizations that are impressed by their commitment to community development.

As the SAMBO4 team continues to excel on the field, they have participated in various tournaments and friendly matches. They proudly represent Teshie in all such duties, showcasing their skills and displaying the values they stand for. Their success on the football field only fueled their desire to make an even greater impact in their community.

Through hard work and dedication, the SAMBO4 football team has transformed the Teshie community. The members have become more united, and the younger generation have found inspiration in their achievements. Their story has become a symbol of hope and possibility, reminding everyone that with passion, teamwork, and a shared vision, anything was possible.

The impact of the SAMBO4 team has gone far beyond football. They have proved that sports could be a catalyst for positive change, empowering individuals and bringing communities together.

Middle League Qualification

The team owned by Chairman Jerry Adjei, established in early 2023 has emerged the champions of the 2022/2023 Zone 1 Division league.

Sambo 4 FC continues to unite under their motto, “One Team, One Dream,” as they strive for continued success on the football pitch.

Speaking in an interview with The New Publisher, Chairman Jerry indicated that, the middle league starts on 23rd July this year at the Nungua town park, adding that, “the team remains optimistic and determined to bring more accolades to the people of Teshie and the entire Greater Accra Region.”

“We are ready to create more impact in the Teshie community and the whole country, and move to international stage with aspect of Sporting Excellence, Community Engagement, Role Models, Economic Boost among others. I will do my best for the club but more help is needed to go to the highest stage”


Chairman Jerry with the help of head coach, Frank Ayi Tettey and other technical members, the team have been moved from low space to higher space and it has since been on the lips of every soccer fan in Teshie for their impressive performance playing unbeaten in 20 league matches with 18 wins and 2 draws.

He believes the team would be able to do more and better when government contribute its quota in diverse ways to ensure the country gets back to chalking success like other teams in other Africa continent with respect to young players.

“With just the help of one or two people, this team has moved high space, imagine the support of the big government on board. Take a look at how the governments of Morocco and Senegal have supported and contributed to football development in the two countries. We hear it in the news all the time. Ghana government can do same, and better the scope here. This team has a lot of talents, and with the necessary support system in place, these young guys would do better”.

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