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Security Shakeup Refreshing


It is refreshing to read an announcement that President Nana Akufo-Addo, in conformity with Section 20 (1) of the Security and Intelligence Agencies Act, 2020 (Act 1030), has effected some major  changes at the leadership level of the national security apparatus specifically the National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) and the National Security Ministry.

The administrative reassignment, which has an obvious aim of enhancing the work and efficiency of the security apparatus, would end up killing two or more birds with one stone as it gives the security system a breath of freshness and rejuvenation.

The elevated officers are neither novices nor lobster heads but rather some of the best brains and trained personnel in the system.

It is our expectation the new team would adopt an improved approach to security where there would be less or even zero reports of National Security personal getting physical on innocent persons going about their duties. It is a human institution and errors cannot be completely avoided but how the issue erring personal are dealt with as and when they occur is what would deterring wither the errors are genuine enough to appease an angry public.

Such reports do not help in the much needed cordial relationship between the general public and the security set up.

This cordial relationship has even become more pivotal  in the wake of the ‘See Something, Say Something’ campaign which encourages residents in the country to report any and all forms of suspicious acts and characters by dialing a toll-free contact number.

It is also our expectation that there would be an enhanced relationship with the media. The two, media and national security ought to be partners working in the common interest of the State rather than arch rivals constantly at each other’s throat.

A strong media support and partnership has become an unavoidable necessity in the fight against crime.

While applauding the President for this refreshingly brilliant reshuffle in the security system, we are at same time adding our voice to the growing calls and suggesting for a similar or even more intense shakeup in the Ministerial team.

It is an undeniable observation,  at least among all honest souls,  that some of the Ministers have either developed tired limbs and  creaking bones or inexplicable circumstances have inflicted on them a deficit of creative ideas and they therefore warrant some urgent replacement.

When President Akufo-Addo took office, he said he was in a hurry to deliver on his set of promises which would make Ghana a better place.

Some six years down the line, it is clear there are weak links in his Ministerial team, who may mean well but as the bible said, though the spirit is willing, the flesh is weak.

A stitch in time, they say, saves nine.

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