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Senyo Hosi: Government agreeing to pay coupon on bonds laudable

The Individual Bondholders’ Forum has lauded the government’s decision to honour the coupon payment of individual bondholders who elected not to participate in the domestic debt exchange programme.

The government on Tuesday announced it has achieved over 80% participation of eligible bonds in its debt swap arrangement.

The ministry in the statement reassured all individual bondholders who elected not to participate that their coupon payments and maturing principals, like all government bonds, will be honoured in line with government fiscal commitments.

Appearing on the Asaase Breakfast Show on Tuesday (14 February), the convener of the Individual Bondholders’ Forum Senyo Hosi said the announcement is reassuring.

“It is very reassuring; I think it is supposed to put people at ease,” Hosi said. “If you haven’t signed, you don’t have a problem, go home till your money is due.”

“There is only a problem when your money is not paid, the government was struggling before the DDEP, but it was paying… If the government doesn’t pay then we will picket,” Hosi said.


Source: AsaaseRadio

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