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Shatta Wale contradicts himself in radio interview


Dancehall artiste Shatta Wale swam in double-standard during his interview on Hitz FM, Friday, as he gave contradictory descriptions of gospel musicians within five minutes, GhanaWeb reports!

The musician who has been preaching God’s benevolence in his music and live videos shot himself in the foot when he, at a point claimed gospel musicians “do not believe in God” and later expressed interest in working with any gospel musician because “they all believe in God”.

His statement that poked gospel musicians was a response to a question laid before him by radio presenter Franky 5.

“He [Shatta Wale] has some level of influence on the gospel market and he speaks passionately about God. How does the church behave towards him when he’s in church? What can he say about our gospel music industry since he’s got much love for the church?” the question read.

In his response, Shatta Wale suggested that the gospel music industry appears to have been stagnated because the faith of musicians who propagate the gospel is shaky.

“The gospel artistes themselves, they don’t believe in God. Because if they believed in God, the things God can do…” said Shatta Wale who further said, “God is the type of man that when you ask Him to do something now, he’s already started working on it. Patience is man’s problem… So if gospel artistes would believe and say ‘God, help me; let my song blow and cross borders’… The God you believe in, let’s hear his name in your songs instead of those innuendo lyrics.”

Shatta Wale’s response triggered a question from host Andy Dosty.

He asked: “If you’re to work with any gospel artiste, which one would that be?”

Shatta Wale who had earlier made a sweeping statement that gospel musicians do not believe in God replied: “I want to work with all of them. I can’t choose one because they’re all of God and they believe in God.”

Shatta Cries

Earlier during the interview, the Hitz FM studios came to a standstill after a die-hard fan of Shatta Wale who has been looking for him for quite too long finally got to meet him.

It was love at first sight when the man, identified as a commercial driver met the dancehall artiste on Friday, October 30, 2020.

According to reports, the trotro driver who heard the news on the radio that Shatta was on the premises of Hitz FM in Kokomlemle stopped his vehicle in the middle of the road, ordered his bus conductor to refund monies to passengers, and rushed to the studio with the hope of meeting Shatta Wale.

Kneeling before him, he cried out saying: “I don’t want money… my God, oh Lord! I’ve looked for you for years. I beg you, it’s not because of your money. I’ve seen my star, I am done. Thanks for making me meet him.”

When Shatta Wale asked for his contact details, he said he was just okay meeting him: “I don’t have a number, I’m okay, just go.

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