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SHS Students on Looting Spree


Over 700 students of the Gyaama Apensan Senior Technical School at Aboaso near Kumasi have completed looted a store belonging to the headmaster’s wife in protest to a decision by school authorities to ban all entertainment and sporting activities on campus.

The hapless wife was left in tears as she has virtually lost her source of living to campus vandalism.

She run a shop which sold essential commodities including foodstuffs and all sorts of groceries.

The headmaster of the school had reportedly incurred the wrath of the student body after he decided to ban entertainment and sporting activities on campus.

The students, numbering over 700, took the law into their hands and rioted on Sunday evening.

They sang war songs, marched straight to the headmaster’s wife’s provision store and vandalized everything on sight.

And as if that was not enough, the rampaging students then attacked the headmaster’s bungalow with stones and sticks, destroying louver blades, polytanks and other amenities in the school. They also smashed the windscreen of a school vehicle.

In the course of the rioting, about ten students were said to have suffered severe injuries and are currently responding to treatment.

Sources said the headmaster (name not known), was taken through the backdoor by armed policemen, who later came to the scene, to an unknown destination, where he spent the night.

Apart from lack of entertainment and sporting activities, the paper gathered that the students also accused the headmaster of contributing to the poor academic performance by the students lately.

They therefore appealed to the authorities to remove him as a matter of urgency.

By: Afia Sarpong Amankwa / thePublisher

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