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Signs Which Approves Your Relationship is on Ending Note

1. You’re starting to enjoy nights spent alone more than nights spent together.

2. You’re projecting when in the future would be the most opportune time to break up.

3. You genuinely forget to respond to your texts.

4. You have drastically more fun out with your friends than you do hanging with your significant other.

5. You used to talk about doing stuff seasons or years in advance. That talk has considerably slowed.

6. You’ve started to formulate a list of options you’d have if you broke up…and have even considered starting to lay some groundwork.

7. You find yourself taking out your bad mood on your significant other, perhaps hoping it’ll blow up into an argument.

8. You used to be appalled by people who fight in public. Now, you get it.

9. You’re not necessarily keeping secrets, but you’ve stopped telling him or her mundane daily things you always used to.

10. Dates are too much effort.

11. While eyeing randos on the street, you increasingly fantasize the single life.

12. While sitting on the couch watching Late Night TV, you increasingly fantasize a life where you don’t have to answer to anyone.

13. If you’re thinking about moving, your relationship isn’t at all factored in to the move.

14. You can feel your significant other trying to coax you into arguments, so that you guys can actually communicate.

15. If you found out they’ve cheated on you, you wouldn’t be crushed.

16. Greeting each other used to be a celebration. Now, it’s like a teenage girl greeting her father after he told her she couldn’t spend junior prom at Blake’s beach house.

17. The only connection you have nowadays is physical.

18. OR, you’re not on the same wavelength sexually and don’t feel comfortable talking about trying new things.

19. If you strongly disagree with something they’ve said, you don’t even care enough to voice your opinion on the matter.

20. When stumbling upon some sort of cool event, they’re not the first person you automatically think of to bring along.

21. You’ve started to really invest some time with your “work flirt.”

22. Getting hit on/striking up a successful flirty discussion weirdly energizes you more than it otherwise would.

23. Quirks of theirs that you used to find endearing have now become incredibly annoying.

24. Your cultural tastes have become too far apart to consume media together.

25. Silences are no longer comfortable.

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