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Six arrested in Uganda ‘for wearing red berets’


Six people have been arrested in Uganda for wearing red berets after they were banned earlier this week, a spokesman for Bobi Wine’s People Power movement has told Reuters news agency.

Former rapper and opposition leader Bobi Wine, who is hoping to topple Preisdent Yoweri Museveni in Uganda’s next election, has adopted the beret as “a symbol of resistance”.

Bobi Wine – whose real name is Robert Kyagulanyi – has built a strong following among younger Ugandans and the six arrested are thought to be supporters.

They were arrested in a southern suburb of Kampala while holding a news conference to denounce the ban.

The police said the six had been arrested for staging an unlawful assembly without notifying the police beforehand.

“The youths were emphasising that we commit no offence when we wear these berets,” said People Power spokesman Joel Senyonyi.

The government said on Monday that red berets would be designated for military use only and any civilians found wearing them would be prosecuted under military law.

Bobi Wine has encouraged people to continue wearing the hats, saying it is “not a crime” to do so.


Source: BBC

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