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Societe Generale records GHS 158m 2nd quarter profit

Societe Generale Ghana, has made a major gain it its operations by posting a strong net profit for the second quarter of the year 2023 as it tries to leave its debt restructuring setbacks behind it.

In its latest financial report, Societe Generale Ghana disclosed that the bank’s net profit at the end of second quarter of 2023 stood at GHS 158 million, a notable rise in net profit which demonstrates the bank’s resilience in the face of economic uncertainties. This marks an impressive increase from the previous year’s figure of GHS 111 million.

As part of the growth, the bank’s total assets also witnessed a commendable expansion during the review period, soaring from GHS 5.8 billion to GHS 8.4 billion. This growth was primarily fuelled by a surge in the bank’s loans and advances to customers, which reached an impressive GHS 3.3 billion, alongside robust cash and cash equivalents of GHS 2.2 billion.

Driving this promising profitability was the notable growth in the bank’s net interest income, which experienced a substantial jump from GHS 226 million to GHS 389 million year-on-year.

On the other hand, the bank’s liabilities experienced substantial growth driven mainly by customer deposits, rising to GHS 7.2 billion from GHS 4.7 billion year-on-year, with customer deposits peaking at GHS 5.1 billion at the end of Q2 2023.

However, concerns have been raised over the bank’s Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR), which dipped to 14.8%, down from 19.4% in the same period the previous year.

Although the bank’s CAR marginally exceeds the industry’s average of 14% and the Bank of Ghana’s mandatory requirement of 13%, the decline could potentially impact the bank’s ability to navigate unforeseen risks.

Moreover, the bank’s loan asset quality has also come under scrutiny as non-performing loans surged from 7.2% to a concerning 14.8% year-on-year. This significant increase signals mounting bad loans and poses potential challenges to the bank’s overall financial health.

Despite the bank’s steady profit growth and commendable asset expansion, these emerging issues demand careful attention from Societe Generale Ghana’s management. As economic conditions evolve, prudential measures may be imperative to safeguard the bank’s financial stability and bolster confidence among investors and stakeholders alike.

Meanwhile, this profit adds up to the bank’s strong 2022 performance where it recorded a GHS 109 million profit after tax for the year 2022. Also, Société Générale Ghana’s operating income grew substantially from GH¢636million to GH¢802million, an increase of 26% in the same year, where operating expenses for the bank also grew slightly from GH¢321million to GH¢348million.

With over 100 years of service and long-term investment in Africa under its belt, the Société Générale Group – one of leading financial service groups in the world – is grateful for the opportunity to contribute in the positive transformation of economies and communities across the continent. Additionally, the bank’s aim is not simply to make profits but also be a catalyst and facilitator of tangible economic change in Ghana.

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