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Solve Private Sector Challenges to Boost Employment – Nduom


Business consultant Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom has called on leaders of the country and those in authority to ensure that the problems bedeviling the private sector are addressed to facilitate more employment opportunities.

The President and Chairman of Groupe Nduom, with over 60 businesses around the world, said in his May Day message on 1 May 2018 that : “We talk about jobs, we talk about earnings, we talk about pension, we talk about so many different things and yet we do the kinds of things that don’t encourage all that to prosper”.

Expressing hope for a better and productive year in marking the day earmarked to celebrate workers across the nation, Dr Nduom said : “Those in positions of authority, those in government, those who are in regulatory positions of all types and those who are supposed to encourage, particularly the ones in the public sector; encourage businesses to thrive and do well so we can employ more people, we want them to think that May Day is not just a day for resting, it is a day for them to think through how they are going to encourage the men and women who create jobs to do more so many more people can be employed”.

The Founder and 2016 Presidential Candidate for the Progressive People’s Party (PPP) saluted Ghanaian workers and encouraged them to be hardworking to secure better remuneration and better pensions to have a more enjoyable life.

“I want to wish all Ghanaian workers a very fulfilling May Day this year,” he noted, adding “I’m also wishing the workers well and encouraging them to also take the jobs that they have to be their own and do the best they can so they can earn not just a good pay but that they can also earn a good pension so that life after working can be a happy one”.

Source: ClassFMonline

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