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Spare Parts Dealers to Reduce Prices


Members of the Abossey-Okai Spare Parts Dealers Association have hinted of price reduction of their merchandise as soon as they streamline issues surrounding the abolition of the 10 percent import duties announced by government.

“We have held several meetings with the Customs, Excise and Preventive Service division of the Ghana Revenue Authority and as soon as the bottlenecks are removed, Ghanaians will enjoy marginal price reduction of spare parts.”

Mr Clement Boateng, Acting President of the Abossey-Okai Spare Parts Dealers who said this in an interview with the Ghana News Agency in Accra explained that although government announced the abolition of the duties, members were yet to extricate themselves from some financial commitments that followed the implementation.

Explaining the rationale behind the delays, Mr Boateng said although government announced the abolition of 10 per cent of the duties and finally implemented it later in the same year, there were discrepancies with the classifications and sets which ended up aggravating their plight.

Sensing danger, Mr Boateng said the Association engaged the leadership of the GRA, and climaxed it with a durbar that gave them the opportunity to ask questions to obtain the relevant answers.

“With the current understanding underway, we are sure that dealers will surely benefit from the abolition of the duties, which will subsequently trickle down to the consumers who are the buyers of our parts, Mr Boateng added.

He commended government, first for the initiative and for the implementation, which would eventually benefit vehicle owners.

They also commended Mr Isaac Crenstil, Commissioner of CEPS for the periodic engagements and the understanding that had been brokered between them to streamline the implementation.

Source: GNA

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