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Stop attacks on our men …National Security warns

The Ministry of National Security has declared that it will not stand idly by while criminals intimidate officers of various security and intelligence agencies in the country. This statement follows recent attacks on security officers in parts of the country, particularly in the Upper East and North East regions.

On Tuesday, October 24, 2023, an irate youth group armed with AK-47 rifles, machetes, and other weapons attacked a team of five counter-terrorism intelligence officers deployed to Garu in the Upper East region on a critical counter terrorism operation.

Despite the officers’ attempts to identify themselves, the youth group fired multiple gunshots at their vehicle. The officers sought refuge at the Garu Police Station, where the youth pursued them, firing shots with the intent to kill. The timely intervention of the Ghana Armed Forces enabled the safe evacuation of the National Security personnel.

There have been increasing reports of attacks on security officers in the Upper East region in recent times. Notably, on January 23, 2023, a police constable was shot dead in Gigande, and on April 3, 2023, an immigration officer was killed in Bawku. Additionally, on September 21, 2023, a police escort was shot at Gbewa College of Education, Pusiga, while five national security operatives were attacked in Garu on October 24, 2023.

Earlier, on March 16, 2022, some military men came under attack at Baribari-Buabula. On May 13, 2022, an ambulance was attacked at Bazua in Binduri while Defence intelligence vehicles were burnt at the Sabon Gari police checkpoint on December 7, 2021,

According to sources, the Ministry of National Security deems these attacks highly unacceptable and strongly condemns acts aimed at intimidating and harming officials of State Security and Intelligence Agencies.

“Whereas the Ministry of National Security works to promote active citizen participation in safeguarding the peace and stability of our dear nation, deliberate acts that seek to jeopardise the lives of personnel of State Security and Intelligence Agencies will not be countenanced,” a source at the Ministry stated.

“The Ministry owes it a duty to protect personnel of State Security and Intelligence Agencies who have sworn an oath to, at all times, defend the people and the territorial integrity of Ghana against all forms of threats,” the Ministry added.

In response to the October 24 attack, a joint special operation by the Ministry of National Security and the Ghana Armed Forces in Garu led to the arrest of several perpetrators. The Ministry has reassured Ghanaians of its readiness to combat criminality and ensure the protection of the citizenry

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