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Stop Going Naked On Social Media …Actress Bruwaa Cautions New Actresses


Kumawood movie actress, Akyere Bruwaa, has asserted that any actress who tries to ride on nudity as a means of getting fame has no talent and is not prepared for the showbiz Industry.

According to her, it is only mad people who go naked on social media just to become famous, adding that success in showbiz does not come overnight.

In recent times, going fully nude or seminude on social media has become a way to go for many celebrities in the Creative Arts Industry. As a matter of fact, many people have succeeded in getting the needed attention through such displays, and while a section of the public believes Celebrities are entitled to what they do with their lives, other people think otherwise.

One such person who is of the view that nudeness on social media is uncalled for is Actress Akyere Bruwaa.

In an interview with The Publisher, the popular actress said it is only mad people who would go naked on social media just to become famous.

”What on earth will you strip naked on social media for? Only mentally unstable people go naked on social media for attention because if you were well brought up, there is no way you will do that. What is the difference between a wannabe celebrity going nude and a mad person? This nonsense must stop because it is becoming too much” – she said.

According to her, she gets saddened at such behavior because some of those involved seem to forget that they have children and family that they would need to answer to in future.

She opined that all that people need to make it in the industry is talent, hard work and dedication.

“You can’t succeed in this business if you don’t have the talent and also dedicate much time to it. You have to endure some hardship before you reach somewhere one day. I started concert party in 1996 and only came into the limelight just a few years ago. It takes time to reach stardom.” – she indicated.

Akyere Bruwaa is noted for her numerous witchcraft roles in several movies since the days of Key Soap Concert Party in the 1990s, and is considered one of those enjoying the fruits of their labor in the movie industry.

She is a producer and had starred in over 100 movies including Ploy Of Evil, Evil Leader, Pains of Betrayal, Blood Against Blood, Enemies From The Past, Fa Asem Kye, among others.

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