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Swiss Ambassador acknowledges remarkable achievements of David Quaye

In a significant continuation of accolades and recognition, David Quaye, a student recently honored as the “Best Up-and-coming Diplomat of the Year” by the Legon Centre for International Affairs and Diplomacy (LECIAD), had the privilege of being invited to the residence of the Switzerland Ambassador in Ghana, Amb Simone Giger.

The meeting at the ambassador’s residence was a celebration of Mr. Quaye’s exceptional achievements. The Ambassador extended his warm congratulations to Mr. Quaye, emphasizing that the recognition was well-deserved, particularly due to the fact that it was fully endorsed by his colleagues.

She expressed admiration for David Quaye’s dedication to the field of diplomacy and his potential to make a meaningful impact on the world stage. In her remarks, Ambassador Giger highlighted the importance of fostering the talents of young individuals like Mr. Quaye, acknowledging that they hold the key to addressing the complex challenges of today’s global landscape.

David Quaye, in response to the Ambassador’s congratulatory words, expressed his deep gratitude and emphasized the profound significance of mentorship within the diplomatic arena. He wholeheartedly acknowledged the invaluable role played by seasoned diplomats like Ambassador Giger in nurturing and guiding the next generation of diplomatic talent.

According to David, his journey towards excellence in diplomacy was significantly shaped by Ambassador Giger’s encouragement and unwavering support. Their initial encounter occurred during a diplomatic seminar where David was entrusted with delivering the closing remarks following Ambassador Giger’s presentation on Swiss Neutrality. This moment, as David describes it, was pivotal in fueling his commitment and unwavering dedication to the diplomatic cause.

David Quaye went on to attribute his prestigious “Best Up-and-coming Diplomat of the Year” award to Ambassador Giger. He also used the opportunity to discuss other youth-centered initiatives he is involved in.

The “Best Up-and-coming Diplomat of the Year” award has opened doors for David Quaye, providing him with opportunities to engage with experienced diplomats. As he continues to evolve in the field of diplomacy, it is expected that he will contribute to the promotion of peace, collaboration, and understanding on a global scale.


In a grand celebration of diplomatic excellence, the Legon Centre for International Affairs and Diplomacy (LECIAD) recently honored David Quaye as the “Best Up-and-coming Diplomat of the Year.”

The prestigious award recognizes Mr. Quaye’s exceptional commitment to diplomacy and his promising potential within the field.

The annual LECIAD Awards ceremony, which took place at the elegant Oak Plaza Hotel in Ghana, brought together luminaries from the world of international affairs, students, and distinguished guests, including the Chief Director at Ghana’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration. The award is renowned for acknowledging those individuals who have demonstrated remarkable attributes of diplomacy and show the promise of achieving greatness in the field.

Ambassador Baah-Duodu, Ambassador-in-residence at LECIAD, commended David Quaye for his dedication and expressed his confidence in his bright future as a diplomat.

The “Best Up-and-coming Diplomat of the Year” award has rightfully recognized David Quaye’s potential to excel in the field of diplomacy. As he continues to hone his diplomatic skills, the international community eagerly anticipates the contributions he will make towards a more peaceful and interconnected world.

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