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Taking Lutterodt Off Radio And TV Not The Solution – Kwasi Aboagye


The host of Peace FM’s Entertainment Review, Kwasi Aboagye, has said calls by some session of the public to ban George Lutterodt from TV and radio stations in Ghana should not be tolerated. 

Speaking on his show on Saturday, July 11, 2020, Kwasi Aboagye said the solution to the comments made that rape victims enjoy being raped by the relationship Counselor goes beyond just calling for him to be banned.

”I want to make a call to everyone, yes, radio and television stations, you can call for him(Lutterodt) to be taking off but remember there are other avenues people are using to make popular. I can tell you people a lot of programmes which are not on TV, you would see on facebook, social media, they are streaming everywhere and a lot of people are watching.

”Sometimes  I think we look for very simplistic solutions to matters in this country. Reason there’s flooding every year, we dig the lagoon among other initiatives but still there is flooding, because we think the solution to the matter is cleaning gutters. We always look for very simplistic ways to solve issues, we don’t tackle it from the root.” he said.

He added, ”Yes, with all due respect, you can take Lutterodt off radio and TV but if he wants to speak, there are so many ways he can do that. There are a lot of foolish people who are speaking now which a lot of you listen to them, meanwhile you calling for ban on someone. They speak those foolish words on social media and you take it. You will disagree with me but that’s the truth, so when we are solving issues, let’s solve it in a certain way”.

Social media went agog Thursday, July 9 after a video of the controversial counsellor went viral, in which he insisted that rape victims enjoy the act. Even though another guest on the show disagreed with his position, George Lutterodt maintained his stance.

He was on Accra-based Adom TV where he said: “anytime the act begins, you’re not ready for it, but during the act you consent to it.”

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