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Taking The Peace For Granted


It is about time the supporters of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and National Democratic Congress (NDC) start thinking beyond being used as objects for political violence every time election is drawing closer.

Most a times, the supporters of politicians in these so called big political parties become the culprits and foment trouble in their localities.

It is a known fact that in Ghana it is not a daily occurrence that one would hear of violence emanating from the supporters of the smaller parties.

For us it is even more confounding that violence could erupt during a mere peace walk between the supporters of NPP and NDC in Jamestown in the Odododiodio constituency on Sunday morning.

Video clips widely shared on social media platforms, showed supporters of the two main parties throwing bottles as well as hauling stones and insults at each other.

Sources say the fight was intense on the ‘Atta Mills Highway’ at a popular junction known as ‘One Way’.

It is not clear what spark the supporters of incumbent NDC MP, Nii Lante Vanderpuye and NPP’s Nii Lante Bannerman to start violent exchanges.

According to the police, both parties have written their statements about what started the violence. So far, the number of injured persons is yet to be confirmed.

The paper notes with concern that this comes days after the Odododiodio Constituency was cited as having 50 hotspots per the Ghana Police Service’s latest assessments of flashpoints in the country as the December election approaches.

It is surprising that at this time and age this constituency continues to hold on to its checked past as being a den of electoral violence over the years.

It may be recalled that in September 2016, a lady supporter of the NDC was stabbed at Bukom Square as chaos broke out during a political debate.

The supporters had gathered at the Bukom Square to cheer on their respective candidates who were taking part in a parliamentary debate by the Accra-based radio station, 3FM when tempers flared.

Several others from both parties sustained various degrees of injury.

The windscreen of at least two cars was also smashed. No arrest was made.

It is against this backdrop that this paper cannot see why these single acts of indiscretion continue in these places when the laws should be made to work.

Coming event they say cast their shadows so we urge the powers that be to act decisively to safeguard the peace- any breach of it is a slap on the face of all of us as a people.

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