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Tamale Veterinary students demand improved welfare

Students of the Veterinary College (VETCo), located in Pong Tamale, Ghana, have organized a peaceful demonstration to address their concerns about the poor welfare conditions at the school, as well as a number of challenges.

The challenges they listed include a lack of animals for practical training, overcrowded classrooms and dormitories, an insufficient water supply, inadequate toilet facilities resulting in open defecation, substandard and insufficient food for students, and a shortage of projectors for teaching.

During the demonstration, the students presented a petition to the College’s Principal and also copied the Chief of Pong Tamale, among others.

They have given the College a 72-hour ultimatum to respond to their various demands.

Ndebila Jacob Abande, President of the Students’ Representative Council (SRC) of VETCo, expressed his disappointment, stating that despite an increase in school fees for the current academic year, there has been no noticeable improvement. He called for the withdrawal of these fees.

He questioned why students are required to pay for developmental projects, maintenance fees, and ICT fees without receiving the corresponding services.

“We call for an immediate withdrawal of these components from our school fees, as students do not get value for money,” he said.

Jacob Elisha, a student of VETCo, highlighted that first-year students don’t even know the location of the animal pen because they haven’t had practical training in the entire semester.


Credit: Citi News

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