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Tattoo Gives Me Orgasm – Jasmine Baroudi


Ghanaian actress Jasmine Baroudi has disclosed that she gets orgasms anytime she gets a tattoo.

She made this revelation on ‘After Hours’, a show hosted by Mikki Osei Berko on TV3, when she was asked why she has got love for tattoos considering the pain.

“I do actually like tattoos. If it wasn’t for my mum, I would have probably covered my whole body with tattoos. They are extremely painful depending on where you get it. Some are painful some are not. I don’t know if I should say this on TV, but whenever I am having a tattoo, I get orgasms. I was worried; this is out of this world. I read about it and apparently it is natural,” she revealed.

Touching on Moesha’s recent comment about Ghanaian women with CNN’s Christine Amanpour, Jasmine who has been off the screen for some time now, expressed her disappointment.

According to her, Moesha should have personalized her claim without making the world believe Ghanaian women have sex with men to survive.

“I am a hardworking Ghanaian woman and I pay my rent. I have friends who equally do same. I don’t know about the slay queens. If that is what you do personally, and it makes you happy fine. You can talk about yourself but you don’t generalize it and make the whole world know this is how Ghanaian and African girls are. That’s disrespect. Even if it is true you don’t say that in public,” she said.

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