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Teacher Trainees to Strike Over Change of Colleges to Universities


Coalition of Concern Teacher Trainees (CCTT), are vehemently protesting government’s decision to convert into universities, the colleges of education in the country.

They have therefore called on government to rescind its decision or face the fury of well-meaning teacher trainees who are ready to go on a mass action, that will last for 2 days on its first phase.

This call was communicated through a press release signed by the Convener of the coalition, Derrick Boakye, earlier in the week.

According to the CCTT, the decision by government stands to shake the very foundation of teacher education―a beacon of hope in a country predominantly plagued with a lot of educational challenges.

“As you are all aware, colleges of education were set up purposely to train well-disciplined and professional teachers who will against all odds be committed to their duties because of the refinement they have been made to go through,” the statement read.

The Coalition recognises the need to upgrade the colleges but dread that the step may topple its core purpose.

They have argued that the level of discipline of the trainee teachers would reduce drastically since trainee teachers would be treated like their counterparts in the university.

“We all can attest to the fact that, university students are allowed liberalities and privileges which are certainly against the norms of colleges of education,” the coalition submitted.

The coalition dreads that the decision may present to students the liberty to attend lectures at their own time as well as the granting of unrestricted movement in and out of campuses at any point in time.

These, they say would make faulty the foundation of prospective teachers which would in turn affect their pupils in future.

While the government is at it, the CCTT further argues that it would almost impossible for the change to happen since government had failed in equipping the colleges with multiple infrastructural facilities.

The facilities in the colleges can by no means compare itself to any public university in the country, the coalition claimed.

“The poverty of teaching and learning resources in most of the colleges of education is evident. It is obvious that, in spite of the incessant calls on government to hold on with this policy, they are more determined to see to the passage and implementation of this sensitive policy without a hoot about its repercussions,” the statement read.

While rescinding its decision, the CCTT expects government to upgrade the colleges with facilities to enhance teaching and learning.

By: Grace Ablewor Sogbey/

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