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Technical Education Not for Drop Out ─ Deputy Minister

Mrs Barbara Asher Ayisi, the Deputy Minister in charge of Technical and Vocational Education, says technical education is not for school dropout but for students who have the talent to excel.

She said the Ministry together with a team was working assiduously to organize a seminar on the importance of technical education with the view to demystifying the notion that vocational education was reserved for students with low academic performance.

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency in Accra, the Minister said the Ministry was working to upgrade and revamp technical education to meet international standards as well make it more competitive.

She said the Ministry had plans to realign all technical and vocational institutions under the Ministry of education to ensure effective monitoring and evaluation of policies and as well address pertinent challenges that arise.

The Deputy Minister, also the Member of Parliament for Cape Coast North, said technical and vocational education had the potential of improving the socio-economic sector of the country and that government would prioritize technical education to give opportunities to the youth to develop their talents.

Mrs Ayisi was of the view that the economic competiveness of a country depended on the skills of its work force, since the sector was perceived as one of the crucial elements in enhancing economic productivity.

She said graduate unemployment had increased because most of them do not have any employable skills that can make them self-sustained.

Mrs Ayisi noted that a reform in the country’s technical education would create conditions to ensure that every pupil, after completing primary school, had acquired a general technical education, which could liaise in further study and in everyday life.

She admonished parents to be interested in the educational activities of their wards and most importantly know their interest of subjects and guide them to develop their future careers, rather than forcing them to read subjects they are not interested.

According to her, the technical and vocational education had not received the needed importance it deserved and that the country can curb unemployment rate if we invest and take the studies of vocational education seriously.

She noted that government was poised to dispel the notion that vocational education was for weak students and encouraged parents to help their wards to opt for courses in which they have the greatest advantage.

In a related development the Deputy Minister, sharing her experience at an international conference she attended in South Africa and Zambia on comprehensive Sexuality Education, urged parents to open up with issues about sex to their children.

She said most parents were unable to discuss issues about sex to their wards and as a result, they learn from the internet and friends and indulge in sexual acts, which affects their lives and future careers.

She said even though there are educations on sexuality in the country, the rate of teenage pregnancies and HIV AIDS were still on the ascendancy and that all and sundry must be involved to address the menace.

Mrs Ayisi said government was committed to put in place the necessary policies and programmes to fight the menace of teenage pregnancy and HIV AIDS in the country.

Source: GNA

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