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Thai Cave Rescue: Tearful Reunion As Parents Catch First Glimpse Of Boys


The parents of the 12 boys from the Wild Boar football team shed tears of relief and joy on Wednesday afternoon (Jul 11) when they visited them at Chiang Rai hospital.

First images of the boys recovering in hospital were shown at a news conference by the chief of the Thai rescue operation Narongsak Osottanakorn.

A video was screened, showing the parents crying and waving to their children through glass windows. The boys are being quarantined while they recover from their ordeal.Narongsak Osottanakorn confirmed that all 12 boys and their coach are recovering well, and doctors have said there is no need to worry about their physical and mental health.

“Don’t worry about 13 wild boars,” said a doctor, adding that the survivors are “healthy and strong” and that the Thai SEALS are even stronger. The rescue chief also revealed that the rescue operation was hastened by falling oxygen levels within the cave complex, as well as expected downpours and possible rise of water levels.

Narongsak also paid tribute to former Thai SEAL diver Saman Kunan, who died in the attempt to save the boys, saying his sacrifice added to the team’s determination to complete their mission.

Said the SEAL Navy commander: “It was difficult but we had to keep fighting. Otherwise, there would have been no hope for the 13 footballers.”

Source: CNA

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