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Thank You, Ibrahim Mahama


THE NEW PUBLISHER joins the family of six-year-old Ransford Yohannes Agbenu in thanking Mr. Ibrahim Mahama, Chief Executive of Engineers & Planners Company Limited for taking up the cost of medical bills to save the six-year old from going blind.

What Mr. Mahama has done in an act of charity to an entire stranger; an impressive gesture worth emulating.

The donation follows a Front Page story on the predicament of Ransford in the January 31, 2020 edition of THE NEW PUBLISHER Newspaper that Ransford had appealed to Ghanaians to assist him to raise GH¢1,500 to buy drugs to avert total blindness on same day.

The boy who has been diagnosed of total Limbal stem cell deficiency in both eyes due to vernal keratoconjunctivities with Limbar and corneal involvement has a sight of 2 centimeters.

He is on autologous serum and other medication in both eyes and needs GH₵1500 to maintain his sight before the surgery.

According to a sister of the boy, Jennifer Hordzi, about two years ago, the boy started rubbing his eyes and when he was sent to the hospital for treatment, he lost one eye sight through the process, even after being transferred from one hospital to the other.

Initially, she said the boy’s eye sight was about 15cm but has dropped to 2cm because the family has not been able to provide for the temporal treatment for his eyes since November.

Narrating the family’s ordeal, Jennifer Hordzi said after failing to purchase the medication for some time, the family contacted several media houses to help them appeal for funds but received less support even from the much known media houses.

Per doctors’ prescription, in a long term, Ransford has to have the surgery in a branch of Dr Agarwal’s hospital in India for both eyes.

According to the doctor, delay of surgery will cause gradual diminishing of his vision.

When THE NEW PUBLISHER put out the story, Ibrahim Mahama asked his office to call the editors to make further checks on its authenticity and what can be done to save the hapless boy.

After the requisite confirmations had been made, Ibrahim Mahama within a spate of an hour has sent the full amount to cater for the medical bills and gave an assurance that he would personally pay for the cost of the surgery.

The relief this succor brought to the family of Ransford cannot be adequately described in words.

On behalf of the young boy and his family, we are exceptionally grateful to Mr. Ibrahim Mahama and we wish his God’s blessings and protection.

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