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The Great Ananse Story – Life Lesson

Once upon a time there lived Ananse in a village called Bobrapa. The inhabitants were largely farmers.

Ananse had a bosom friend called Monkoh whom he had known all through his life.

One day Ananse accompanied by Monkoh went to farm on a piece of land Ananse had bought. This came as a surprise to the people of Bobrapa since Ananse was known to be a lazy man. He literally hated working.

On the farm, Monkoh was seen working hard to help his friend, Ananse to achieve something in his life. Ananse on the other hand was his usual lazy self.

He did absolutely nothing. Whenever he was called to come and work he would give excuses of bad health, tiredness amongst others. Monkoh did not pay much attention to him but rather continued working. Before sunset the farm was cleared which meant work done.

Ananse and Monkoh left immediately for their various homes.
Very early the next day even before sunrise, Monkoh went to Ananse to remind him about they going to Monkoh`s farm but Ananse rejected on the basis that he was not feeling very well.

This came as a surprise to Monkoh since they had both agreed to go to Monkoh`s farm and moreover Ananse looked very fit.
This didn’t deter Monkoh from going to the farm. He just sighed and wished Ananse a speedy recovery and left for his farm.

After few hours he rushed back to Ananse to tell him he had seen something amazing on the piece of land he was farming on. He narrated to Ananse that in the course of the weeding his cutlass hit a hard object. Initially he thought of it as a stone but upon thorough clearance of the area he found out it was a pot filled with some shinny items. Ananse became alarmed.

Ananse suggested that they go to the farm immediately to go check on the items for what the pot contains might be very precious. Monkoh was in awe but decided to pretend as if all was well. They both left for the farm immediately.

In no time they both arrived at the farm land. After going through the content of the pot thoroughly Ananse realized they were real gold but he told his friend that he didn’t really know what they were. He further added that these things are very spiritual so it’ll be right that they leave it there and go back home to consult a native doctor. Monkoh did not agree initially but after consistent pressure from Ananse, he gave in. The two friends went straight to the native doctor but unfortunately met his absence so they decided to come the next day.

On their way going home Ananse told Monkoh that he wanted to find a place to attend to natures call. Monkoh suggested to Ananse to follow him to his house where there was a good toilet facility but Ananse surprisingly rejected vehemently. He preferred doing it in the bush. Monkoh opted to wait for him. He again declined with the view that he might not finish anytime soon since he will also be attending natures call for his father, mother, grandparents and ancestors.

They both broke out of laughter but Ananse told Monkoh not to worry as he will be fine by himself. They shook hands and parted ways.
“See this foolish man. He think he’s wise.” Ananse uttered these derogatory words as he made his way to Monkoh, his bosom friend’s farm.

Ananse upon reaching there took the pot which contained the gold. In excitement He rushed back home with the pot of gold. He kept it underneath his bed and left to take his bath. He had plans of leaving the village for the city. Right after bathing he went into his room immediately to check on the gold with his cloth around his waist. He was in a jubilant mood.

As soon as he opened the pot canes, bees and other deadly insects came out of it. A spiritual being caned him nonstop whereas the deadly insects bit him continuously. He run out of the room to Monkohs house in unbearable tears with only a cloth around his waist. The punishment did not seize.

People who saw him thought he had gone mad as they didn’t see anything chasing after him. Held a few passerby but they all shrugged themselves for Ananse to fall off. Just as he was heading towards Monkohs house, Monkoh met up with him and quickly rushed to him, he held Ananse tightly and tried covering Ananse with a cloth but the spiritual battles he was fighting were so intense that everything Monkoh did proved futile.

Ananse started apologizing to Monkoh but Monkoh had no idea why he was been apologized to. Monkoh kept asking “why, why, why”. Ananse then narrated to him his failed plans of making away with all the gold they had found on the piece of land. The punishment continued. Out of surprise Monkoh moved back.

“You were more than a friend to me. I thought, loved and cared for you more even more than myself. If anyone could do this to me it wouldn’t have been you. I basically trusted you with my life but today all I feel within me is regret. Many discouraged me from being friends with you but I disregarded all of them. Hmmmph It’s indeed true that the snake that will bite you comes from with. On this day I’m cutting every tie of friendship I share with you. Go your way and let me also go my way” – Ananse begged and begged but not he was not forgiven. The punishment continued so Ananse run into the forest and that was the last seen of him.


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