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The Not-So-Obvious Erogenous To Arouse Her Like Crazy


When it comes to pleasuring a woman before love making, many men often make a big mistake by focusing on the obvious hot spots that are known to arouse women.

However, lovemaking ought to involve creativity that leaves her feeling, yes, my guy really understands the game.

There is nothing special about being ordinary. So get off the hook and try the following four little talked about hotspots that will soar her to the skies of lovemaking.

1. Neck

The sides of the neck just below the ears are packed with sensitive nerve endings that send warm shockwaves all the way down to her honeypot. Caressing this area gently may just marvel you.

2. Earlobes

Kissing and licking her earlobes gently works perfectly among some ladies. We say some because this can be a complete turn off for others. Blowing some warm air into her ears as you promise her heavens can also yield great results.

3. Behind the knees

This area is also packed with sensitive nerve endings which can stimulate her like crazy! Caress the area gently with your fingers or even kiss it as you work your way up.

4. Feet

The area around the ankles has sensitive nerve endings that connect directly to her vagina and the uterus. Reflexologists believe that pressure around this area can trigger a sexual arousal.

Massaging, kissing or rubbing your feet against hers while you are for instance, relaxing on the couch can just turn her on than you have never experienced before.

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