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The Tragi-Comedy of a Political Macabre Dance


There is an ever-rising pungent smell, quite offensive to the senses, as one observes in disdain, the never-ending silly comedy, destined to end in a tragedy as the image of the office of the two Deputy Chiefs of Staff (and the Presidency for that matter) is continuously dragged into the mud over allegations of corruption in the handling of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital and uniBank.

The episode started as a child’s play-toy on Facebook but has grown into a monster on main stream and traditional media and threatening the credibility and integrity of the Ghana Police Service.

Yet the god-fathers and pay masters of the characters involved, civil society and political watchers and standing akimbo and enjoying the odoriferous nonsense with a glee on their unconcerned faces.

THE PUBLISHER is of the view the ongoing nonsense, if not checked immediately, could have irreparable damage on the credibility and integrity of the Ghana Police Service, especially when a senior police officer is purported to have been caught on tape saying that the allegations of corruption put out by A-Plus could not be far from the truth. What a contradiction! Was it not the same Police service that issued a press statement which said after investigations were concluded, it was established that the allegations from A-Plus were frivolous and without merit?

One wonders why the characters involved are even still at post and continue to smear their damaged reputations and sinking credibility on officers they occupy.

The nasty allegations may be true. But they could also be ugly lies.

One would have thought that the names involved right from the Chief Executive of the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, the two Deputy Chiefs of Staff, the senior police officer that got tapped saying things she should not have said, and any other character whose office is a public one, would have been responsible enough to step aside and allow for a whole new investigation.

If they are found innocent, then they return to their offices and continue to enjoy their salaries paid by the hungry tax payer. As the situation stands now, the Presidency stands accused of corruption. Whether the facts are true or not, the perception has been formed in the minds of observers across the country and the world over.

A negative perception which would serve as political currency to the government’s political rivals. An unfortunate perception which would give Ghana bad score on the Corruption Perception Index (CPI) when the figures are compiled.

It is a mystery who stands to benefit from this whole drama.  A nasty drama dwindling investor confidence. Honestly it is a dance which could lead the government to a political death. It is an odoriferous macabre dance for which the curtains out to go down and the stage lights switched off.

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