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This Will Kill You!


Christmas is just some few days away and as expected the market would be flooded with many unwholesome products.

This is because some retailers and importers would sell unwholesome products to unsuspecting consumers during such festive seasons, which can be harmful to them.

Ranging from canned and bottle drinks, through to biscuits, toffees, cookies among others, it is important consumers buy with open eyes and with lots of circumspection.

As the popular axiom puts it “you are what you eat.” This saying makes more sense now as the Christmas approaches than ever.

It is against this background that the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) warning to consumers to be wary of the kind of food items they buy from the market during the festive season is very apt.

According to the authority the public must always pay attention to food items, particularly the pre-packaged ones, on sale in the open market.

“When buying pre-packaged food products, you must always look out for the expiry or best-before date, which are typically the dates that guarantee the wholesomeness of the food products.”

In the view of FDA, December in Particular is the period when some contaminated products, such as consumable goods, particularly confectioneries, flood the market, with some of them coming in without registration or on the verge of expiry.

For us at THE NEW PUBLISHER, one of our traditional duties as a media entity is to educate, exactly what we have done by way of this editorial piece.

The responsibility now squarely lies on the consumer who is duty-bound to safeguard his or her life in this festive season.

The paper believes that fighting food poisoning threats ahead of the festive season, is a shared responsibility all must be on board, consumers must remain vigilant and look out for food items that are unsafe on the market and avoid compromising on cheap food products which comes in attractive packages.

It is also very important to advise Ghanaians to reject items on the market that did not have instructions in the English Language, especially products not approved by the FDA.

Anything short of that means that the FDA cannot guarantee the safety and efficacy of that particular product and, therefore, it is not supposed to be on our market.

These products will certainly kill you!

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