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Tic Tac finally responds to Pope Skinny


Asuodengod formerly known as Pope Skinny not long ago called out hiplife artiste Tic Tac also now know as Tic as a snitch and a nobody, to the extent of calling his colleague useless.

The were calls from some entertainment folks for Tic Tac to respond to the statement made by the Akuapim rapper which he refused to comment stating that is wasn’t necessary responding to him.

Pope Skinny took swipes at Tic for allegedly calling him a “snitch”. He later said that even if Tic features World famous rapper Jay Z on his song, he was still not going to blow.

“I don’t get why a nobody like Tic Tac will call me names; what does he do? When we mention artistes, Tic Tac’s name doesn’t even come up. I’m surprised he’s found the voice to run me down,” a furious Pope Skinny said on 3FM.

“Those days when you are loved and praised are long gone. You were hailed then even with the lowest vibe, but nowadays the industry is so competitive that you would not survive even a day,” he added.

Pope Skinny continued, “Who is Tic Tac to call me a snitch; in fact, I really I don’t know why. I don’t have the time to be gossiping about him because he is not relevant. He is not my friend. I have no relationship or whatsoever with him. He is not in my circle of friends. I would not pick on him if he had not come at me.”

Last Wednesday, News-One contacted Tic to comment on the matter but  he refused to react to the claims, saying that he is concentrating on his upcoming album and his activation to connect with his fans called Tic Two Hundred Fans Connect.

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