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Traders Cash In At Veeps Funeral


Where there is muck, there is brass or better still, another man’s poison is another man’s meat―however you choose to put it―while many sored their eyes in tears, others were making good money.

The entrance of the Accra International Conference Centre (AICC) had over the weekend turned into a lucrative business centre for dealers in National Democratic Congress (NDC) paraphernalia and funeral souvenirs.

Some of the items on display

Because the traders had not been allowed to perform their enterprises in the forecourts of the centre, they gladly pitched their tents outside, on the floor and under the scorching sun.

Interacting with some of the sellers, they seemed excited about the good cash they were making.

“We still on it and business is fine. By the grace of God, I have made good money even though I did not come early. People are also buying it,” Zeida told the PUBLISHER.

Though Zeida refused to tell us how much she had made that morning, Aunty Sarah wasted no time in disclosing that she had already sold over GH¢500 worth of NDC paraphernalia―hats, scarfs, beads and their likes before noon.

She was hopeful that by the close of the day, she would be going home with a bag containing over GH¢2000 by the close of day and a whooping GH¢4000 or more, by the close of the entire funeral process, when the entire funeral ends.

Unfortunately for Ramatu who came all the way from Kumasi to sell her goods, she had not made as much as Aunty Sarah was boasting about.

Ramatu though she could not believe Aunty Sarah had made that much, said business was going well for them and believed it would be better.

Madam Hannah was also from Kumasi and had come in with a jute bag full of locally made beads and funeral souvenirs.

“Though I came late, I believe my God and know he will help me sell all my goods. I didn’t come all the way from Kumasi to leave empty,” she said reassuringly.

Abu is based in Accra and an NDC card holder; he deals solely in NDC paraphernalia. Seated on his motorbike and wooing prospective buyers, he told the PUBLISHER that he was always at every NDC event to sell and was well known by NDC big wigs.

So, we asked why he chose to sell rather than sympathise with the bereaved family and his response was that “Amissah Arthur is gone, we that alive have to eat.”

Aside the sale of party and funeral souvenirs, eye glasses, edibles and other commodities, some cultural dance troops also found greener pastures at the late Veep’s funeral.

The PUBLISHER saw them give a few dance steps and made away with some few cash.

Souvenirs cost between GH¢5 to GH¢20. However, an NDC smock went for GH¢150.

By: Grace Ablewor Sogbey/

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