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Trouble in Brazil team as Silva clash with Neymar



Tension mount on the Brazilian side at the Russia 2018 world cup as two good players seems to be having some discomfort.

In a 2:0 win against Costa Rica at the Russia 2018 world cup, the defender was quoted to have said, he felt “saddened” when he was “insulted” by his team mate Neymar during the encounter.

Upon the issue reaching more media desk for discussion, the defender further rubbished the claims and stated clearly that, he has no issues with his mate Neymar.

However, Silva dismissed any claims there was an issue between him and the forward, as Brazil prepare for the knockout stage.

“There are people who talk a lot, but I have never had anything against Neymar, It’s a joke that I made and the journalists talked about it badly. It was not of bad intention as it has been circulated now “– he told reporters.

Brazil, who topped Group E in Russia, face Mexico in the round of 16 today July 2, 2018 .

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