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Trumping Trump


Donald Trump has become the most disrespected President of the United States in recent history and deservingly so, perhaps because he himself has very little or absolutely no respect for others.

Little wonder, the world doubts his feeble denial of ever using the offensive word, “shithole”, in describing African, Hatti and El Savador countries.

THE PUBLISHER finds it difficult to believe his denial. He has peddled too many untruths for us to continue not to see him as a pathological liar.

Trump, surprisingly, holds a very high opinion of himself and deludes himself into believing he is mature. A sad state of mind that is not backed by his actions. This is a man that thinks being President of the most powerful nation on earth in 2018 is all about tweeting with scorn and disdain at perceived opponents and critics.

A man who is finding it impossible to realize that the Oval Office is not same as a television studio where one hosts a celebrity show. He seems to have a difficulty adjusting to fit the diplomatic office he occupies.

Simply put, Trump is a mistake some Americans have inflicted on the world.

Donald Trump simply has to grow up and stop behaving like a spoilt child crying over a favourite toy.

THE PUBLISHER, like several other right-thinking humans across the world, is very disappointed in Trump for the offensive words he used in describing the African continent.

We are disappointed but not surprised.

Trump was simply being himself when he spewed out those offensive words.  We ask ourselves, who has Trump not insulted? He has insulted almost every right-minded person or institution that has attempted to draw his attention to his folly.

His vitriolic tongue is the opposite of diplomacy. His lack of understanding of American foreign policy makes him an extremely dangerous person to occupy such an important office.

One wonders whether is a leader, in the true sense of the word.

A leader with an untamed tongue, intemperate language and a special appetite for vindictiveness, coupled with a clear display of having racist tendencies is certainly a dump one, not worth writing home about.

If the President of the United States, aged 70 and above, still lacks knowledge about the African continent and would be narrow minded enough to only focus on the dirty parts of the continent, we can only pity him and hope he expands his reading scope.

A reading child is an educated adult and we strongly recommend that he pipes down a bit, spends more time reading useful books about other parts of the world, and stop believing in the Tarzan type of Africa.

Trump should start the crucial self-education by reading first about Barack Obama.

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