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UBA, Saudi EXIM Bank Join Forces to Boost Economic Ties

United Bank for Africa (UBA) has embarked on a significant initiative to enhance economic cooperation and trade relations between Saudi Arabia and Africa.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between UBA and the Saudi Export-Import Bank (Saudi EXIM) serves as a cornerstone for fostering collaboration and business growth between these two entities.

The MoU, inked at the Saudi and Arab African Summits, underscores the shared commitment of UBA and Saudi EXIM to fortify economic ties and identify fresh avenues for growth.

The primary focus lies on promoting trade through the export of goods and services, setting the stage for a mutually beneficial partnership.

A pivotal aspect of the MoU involves the collaboration on joint projects, with both banks actively facilitating the export of goods and services from Saudi Arabia.

Additionally, the agreement opens avenues for co-financing, co-insuring, co-guarantee, and reinsurance, creating a framework that amplifies trade and investment opportunities while fostering new economic partnerships.

Oliver Alawuba, UBA’s Chief Executive Officer, expressed enthusiasm about the prospects of the partnership.

He highlighted the significance of the collaboration in not only facilitating exports but also in reinforcing UBA’s commitment to intercontinental business relationships and contributing to the economic development of Africa.

Alawuba emphasized the promising nature of the relationship, particularly considering Saudi Arabia’s deliberate efforts to deepen economic cooperation with Africa.


With UBA’s extensive presence in 20 African countries, the partnership serves as a vital mechanism for enhancing engagement. Furthermore, Alawuba highlighted that the collaboration expands UBA’s reach to Asia and the Middle East, citing the recent opening of a subsidiary in Dubai as evidence of the bank’s commitment to these regions.

Saad Al-Khalb, CEO of Saudi EXIM, echoed Alawuba’s sentiments, stating that the partnership creates a dynamic platform for promoting the export of innovative Saudi goods and services to African economies.

This strategic move is anticipated to diversify Saudi Arabia’s exports, support industrial growth, and enhance the country’s global footprint in Africa. Al-Khalb underscored the potential socioeconomic impact of this collaboration on African countries, envisioning growth and prosperity as a direct outcome.

The MoU delineates a comprehensive framework for cooperation on specific joint projects, with each party determining the terms and conditions based on their respective policies, procedures, and national legislation.

Moreover, both entities commit to sharing information and best practices on export credit policies and practices. Regular meetings, conferences, seminars, and workshops are envisioned to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience.

The UBA and Saudi EXIM partnership marks a significant stride toward strengthening economic ties between Saudi Arabia and Africa. The collaborative efforts outlined in the MoU are poised to create a lasting impact by expanding trade, fostering investment opportunities, and nurturing economic partnerships.

As both banks embark on this journey, the potential for positive socio-economic development in Africa becomes increasingly promising, setting the stage for growth, innovation, and prosperity in the years to come.

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