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Uber driver saved third Canadian lady

A DRIVER in charge of the Uber car that the abducted Canadian ladies were traveling in some how foiled the operation of the kidnappers.
The Canadian ladies that the kidnappers had originally planned to kidnap and keep hostage for a ransom, were three and not two as it has been widely reported.
The third Canadian, also a lady, was seated in front of the Uber car and by the time the kidnappers could reach out to her, the courageous Uber driver had sped the car away.
The paper has learnt that two of the Canadian ladies, were seated at the back of the Uber and one was in front as the kidnappers trailed their car.
At their hostel at Denyame, the ladies at the back of the car, who were not aware that they were being trailed, alighted from the car first and they were kidnapped.
The driver of the Uber then realized the evil motive of the kidnappers, so he sped away with the third Canadian lady in front of the car, to the police station to lodge a complaint.
Meanwhile, the National Security, the BNI and the police, on Wednesday managed to rescue the two Canadian kidnapped ladies at the Antoa area and flew them to Accra.
Fourteen suspects, including Kumasi Asante Kotoko’s staunch supporter, Seidu aka ‘MBA’, was among the arrested people, who are currently in Accra for questioning.

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