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UCC Provost Warned Against ‘Uninformed’ Comments About UEW


The Registrar of the University of Education, Winneba (UEW), Paul Osei Barimah, has cautioned the Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cape Coast, Prof. George Oduro, to desist from making uninformed comments about the University (UEW).

He has admonished Prof. Oduro, whom he has described as his “personal friend and a darling”, to consult authorities of UEW about issues on the ground before going public with his views, describing his comment as “uninformed.”

Earlier this week, the Pro-Vice-Chancellor of UCC called on the current administration of UEW to step down for the government to institute an interim independent administration to manage the school.

In response, the Registrar of UEW said although the University welcomes dissenting opinions, such views should not be laced with misinformation.

“The University of Education, Winneba, is a public university, and in that respect, if there are issues at the University, the public has the right to comment about the issues, but I think such comments must be premised on informed information”, Mr Osei Barimah said.

Mr. Paul Osei Barimah also expressed worry about assertions that all professors of the University have been cowed into submission by the Acting Vice Chancellor of the University of Education, Winneba, Prof. Rev. Afful Broni.

“The Acting Vice-Chancellor is being projected in all instances as somebody who has been able to cow every professor on campus into submission. This is a university, and we must have the chance to gel and speak on principles, and that is what the new wind of change blowing on campus is all about.”

He said it was pathetic for any person to posit that professors and other staff of the University, some of whom have been in service for many years and have served on various councils, could be easily manipulated by any one individual.

According to the Registrar, contrary to the erroneous views peddled that the University has an unfriendly atmosphere prevailing on its campuses, the staff and students rather appreciate the new trend of administrative measures there.

UEW acting VC fights Amnesty International over ‘human rights abuses’

In a related development, the Acting Vice Chancellor of the University of Education, Winneba, Prof. Rev Afful Broni, has described Amnesty International’s accusations leveled against the University as one-sided, mischievous and full of falsehood.

The Vice Chancellor says the University is appalled by the press conference that never sought to have the input of the University’s administration, calling it a mischievous agenda to taint the image of UEW and Ghana as a whole.

Amnesty International fires UEW

Amnesty International Ghana at a news conference in Accra last week, chastised authorities of the school accusing them of constantly abusing the rights of lecturers and students to the extent of illegally evicting some officers of the university.

The human rights organization said it has followed happenings within the university since 2017, and started investigations into reported cases of victimization, wrongful dismissal and intimidation.

Campaign and Fundraising Coordinator of the organization in Ghana, Samuel Agbotsey, insisted that there are ongoing cases of withholding of staff salaries, rejection of authentic excuse duties and attempts to dismiss some staff members.

Mr. Agbotsey further alleged that they are aware that two lecturers of the University have been forcibly evicted from their official residence describing it as a “blatant violation of rights of citizens.”

Acting VC response

But in response, the acting VC said a careful work by Amnesty International would have proven that the current administration has instituted an innovative monthly interaction with student leaders, including all class representatives to “deepen students’ participation in the governance of the University.

Prof Afful Broni also said several other online publications have sought to paint a gloomy outlook for the institution, lamenting that, “those peddling lies of human rights abuses are individuals who have decided that rules and regulations of the University should only be applied if they serve their interests and course”.

Source: Citinewsroom

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