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UK Renews Interest in Doing Business with Ghana

Companies and businesses in the United Kingdom have demonstrated a heightened interest in doing business in Ghana.

This, according to the United Kingdom Ghana Chamber of Commerce (UKGCC), is testament to the improving business environment in Ghana.

Government’s determination reorganise the way business is done in Ghana is reassuring for British businesses, the CEO of UKGCC, Mr. Tony Burkson told journalists recently.

“The new government’s direction is encouraging. British businesses are used to competition so the government’s commitment to stop sole sourcing and exciting news for us,” he said.

Mr. Burkson said the UKGCC had over the last one year, increased its membership from zero to 76 and growing stronger.

In order to further deepen the trade relationship between the UK and Ghana, he said the Chamber would hold business excellence awards award and diner gala later this year.

The December 2, 2017 event, according to the UKGCC, is designed to celebrate “not just Ghana, but our members and their businesses. It will give an opportunity for intimate interactions between our member companies, high-level members of the Ghanaian government and other key players in Ghana’s corporate community.”

The nominees and awards to be given are listed as:

1) Employer of the Year

This award will recognize the company that has an employee strategy that best attracts, retains and

develops talent – and how it contributes to sustainable growth and being an employer of choice.

2) Exporter of the Year

This award will recognize the business that has achieved the highest and most sustainable levels of international growth through exporting, this Award focuses on all aspects of exporting and is looking for sustainable exporting models and innovative practices.

3) SME of the Year

Celebrating the contribution of SMEs to the economy, this award will recognise those who have maintained consistent growth and strong financial performance, understands its customer, has an

engaged workforce with effective leadership, and is continually innovating to support future growth.

4) Best CSR Project

This award will recognise the company that successfully applies any form of Social Responsibility, celebrating the ideas that have had the greatest impact on an organisation or industry.

5) Best Logistics Company

Open to any organisation operating in logistics, this Award will recognise those best optimising all aspects of logistics and operations to achieve growth and strong financial performance through exceptional customer experience.

Best of British

This category will recognize British Companies operating within Ghana

6) Best Brand of the Year

Celebrating those organisations demonstrating the link between customer service and profit, the Best Brand Award will recognise those constantly striving to exceed customer expectations, industry

leading standards of service, and innovation around customer experience.

7) Best CEO of the Year

Focusing on the contribution of a dynamic, creative and visionary leader, this award will recognise the personal impact of the most high profile leaders on the culture and success of their organisations.

The winner will be an individual who has achieved sustained levels of growth and strong financial performance through a culture of innovation, resilience and an ethos of inspiring others through their leadership style.

8) Most successful company of the year

This award will go to the company that best demonstrate exceptional financial returns, strong growth and innovation strategies, and market leadership in its sector the panel will look for evidence of inventiveness, ethical credentials, good stakeholder relationships and long term planning balanced by the flexibility to deliver consistent results in dynamic market conditions.

9) Best Local Partner

This award will recognise the success of a partnership between two parties, one being a foreign entity. The partnership should have been integral to the success of the project, and the panel will particularly reward innovation in the implementation of the partnership.

High Commissioner’s Special Recognition

10) Improving Trade between Ghana and the UK *2 awards one in-ward/one outward

This award will celebrate two individuals that help to increase trade by creating platforms for networking, developing relationships and implementing , recognising the impact of ‘enablers’ that offer

value beyond support products and services.

12) Best Social Impact Project

This award will celebrate a project that brings their values to life through a range of social impact initiatives. Recognising the company achieving social impact through partnership, investment, pro-bono work, or employee led initiatives.

13) Best Think-Thank

This award will recognise a think tank that has made important contributions to improving the landscape for enterprise and entrepreneurship in their regions.

14) Best Engine Graduate

If you are a high performing Engine Graduate with an innovative edge and something to shout about, this could be your award. This award will recognise the graduate that has exceeded their initial targets for growth and already shows a significance within the industry.

15) Best in Innovation

The panel will look for evidence of a clearly expressed and widely communicated strategy, mainly focussing on actions which demonstrate a civic responsibility. The actions should seek to calculate risk and proactively drive improvement from a commercial, environmental, and social responsibility perspective which goes beyond legislative requirements. (Open to private and public-sector organisations)

16) British Entrepreneur of the Year

This award will recognize an individual who demonstrates vision, a persevering approach to enterprise expansion that places them at the heart of the business by identifying opportunity, understanding objectives, formulating ideas and making decisions and acting as an inspiration to others to achieve greater business success.

Source: Myjoyonline

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