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‘United fans squeezed my testicles’ – Referee narrates ordeal


Referee Maxwell Hanson, who was attacked and beaten during a Division One League game between BA United and Real Tamale United weeks ago has now revealed the home team fans targeted his reproductive organs in the vicious attack.

On July 4, 2021, Hanson was brutally attacked by fans of BA United after he awarded a penalty in favor of the away team RTU on the 40th minute.

Referee Hanson was unable to continue the match after the incident, bringing a premature end to the game.

In his report to GFA, Hanson revealed graphic details of the attack he suffered, with some fans apparently also targeting his testicles.

“Dissatisfied, the irate fans of the home team followed and continued beating me with blows on my head, some pulling and
squeezing my testicles simultaneously and from there, I could not endure the pain so I started screaming “mewu oo, mewu oo, mobekume oo”, to wit, “I’d die, I’d die, you’d kill me”. It was there a number of uniformed police personnel came to my rescue” part of the report reads.

He added, “They were about eight (8) in number. I then told them I would not be able to continue the match because of the ordeal I had been through and I had also started experiencing body pains. Surprisingly, the police officers said they could not guarantee my safety if I do not go on with the match. My assistants then came to me. Recalling their ordeal, Assistant one (1) said he was beaten till he fell and Assistant two (2) said he was given several slaps and a blow to his head, both attacks were from spectators believed to be fans of the home team.

“At this juncture, the armed military men who were outside the inner perimeter joined. In our terrible state, the three (3) of us (myself and the two assistants) decided to discontinue the
match but the police reiterated that our safety would not be guaranteed should the match be halted.”

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