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United front needed to block revenue leakages, fight corruption


The New Publisher is worried that the seeming conflict between some Commissioners at the Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GAR) on one hand and the Office of the Special Prosecutor (OSP) on the other hand how prevent acts of corruption at the ports would not auger well for the supposed fight against corruption.

These two institutions, ideally, should be working in one accord; one receiving revenue for the State and the other ensuring that the appropriate revenue is collected and that it does not end up in the pockets of private individuals.

Investigative reports from the OSP and sound bites from the Customs Division of the GRA tap topped news headlines last week most certainly sends the wrong signals. It is clear there is no co-operation between the two institutions.

The beneficiaries of this co-operation deficiency would the by very criminals the two institutions ought to be fighting.

The observing public would end up losing confidence in the supposed fight against corruption.

The two are at liberty to disagree about the approach of arriving at their common goals but it is shameful when the disagreements breaks into a public drama of near-insults and threats to the shocking spectacle of all, including the corrupt criminals.

What is even more disturbing is that no ‘elder’ so-called, has been heard or seen to be making moves to reconcile whatever differences the two institutions may be having.

If the open disagreements, near-insults, derogatory insinuations and threats continue, it would most certainly end up in a tango for supremacy and a possible sabotage scheme.

The country would be the worst affected victim of such a needless drama.

To the ordinary Ghanaian, the technical jargons being thrown about means nothing. The simple question is that did the recent interim investigation by the OSP help the state get additional revenue? And the answer is a yes.

As to why the GRA would not be happy that there is some additional money gained for the State, that would remain a question for the gods to answer.

Rather than fight the OSP, what we should be doing is to support the Office to perform better and correct its mistakes if any.

Without doubt, the public drama, does not speak well of us and our supposed anti-corruption fight.

The New Publisher is also not the least excited about the level of financial support the OSP has received so far. There are disturbing reports of unpaid workers, budgets not released, lack of requisite logistics to deliver on the mandate of that Office and other sad issues we intend to tackle in course of the week

In the meantime, it is out prayer that egos would be put aside, tempers would cool down and the two institutions of State would do the needful.

No divided team can fight corruption and win.

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