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Unnecessary Pressure in Relationship


1. You let guys go to avoid unnecessary competition.

Your friendship is not the Olympics. You don’t need to compete over who goes home with the gorgeous blue-eyed beauty. You both are satisfied going home with each other and eating an entire pizza which you had delivered at 2 am. Let’s call it a tie that you’re more than happy to accept.

2. When you’re on the dance floor you only dance with each other.

You have so much fun dancing with your best friend that you are oblivious to the ten other guys trying to enter your clearly formed force field. There’s no bigger cock block than an impenetrable circle of females dancing with each other.

3. You buy each other drinks without even noticing there’s guys around who will do that for you.

You both take turns on buying rounds, but you don’t realize there’s a perfectly willing boy right next to you who can afford to expense those two gin and tonics.

4. On nights you don’t feel like going out you convince your BFF to stay in with you.

You both have the same hopeless mindset. Why spend the night in a skin tight dress, sucking in your gut, when your elastic waistband sweatpants are calling your name? You have no trouble persuading your BFF of the better option. Netflix and sweats clearly win the battle.

5. You only complain about being single when she does.

You often think to yourself life might be more enjoyable if you had a boyfriend, but you’re only willing to admit it when she is. This stops you both from realizing that you’re probably not as happy with your single status as you thought you were.

6. If she has a date with a guy you make her feel bad for not hanging out with you instead.

“Let’s go get drinks tonight!” She tells you she can’t because she is meeting a guy she found on Tinder. “You know he’s going to try and have sex with you and never call you again right?” Don’t guilt your BFF into spending time with you, one night apart won’t kill you (you hope).

7. Or if she has a date with a guy you pretend to be excited.

You say, “OMG so exciting!” You think, “Please don’t go and get a boyfriend and leave me to survive this single life alone.” She can usually sense your fake excitement and immediately becomes disinterested in the prospective suitor because of it.

8. You set extremely high standards for who you approve of her dating.

The percentage of her finding a doctor with a six pack, and a cute puppy is slim to none, but maybe that’s intentional.

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