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Uprising Issues in Ga Mantse Installation

The Head of the Abola Piam We, Nii Ofoli Gakpo II, in addressing the press in Accra on Wednesday, called on Ghanaians to treat the new installation of the Ga Mantse with contempt as Nii Tackie Teiko Tsuru, the Newly installed Ga Mantse is not the rightful heir to the throne.

He claimed that all who bare claim to the throne do not hold legitimate claim to it and Nii Adam Latse and Nii Teiko Tsuru are from the same house, both hold claim to what does not belong to them.

Nii Gakpo said that the Abola Piam (Tunma We) Royal House resolved kingship disputes for 13 years in order to keep the peace in the community.

“Our resolve towards peaceful means to the impasse had, however, been taken to mean our weakness and, although we are by no means a riotous people, we will no longer sit down for the course of history to be distorted and our lineage erased,” he said.

The Head of Abola Piam believes that the elders of the house did not serve their duties by restoring peace to the Ga state and he could not trust in them to settle the ongoing dispute.

“We will rise and claim what rightfully belongs to us,” he added.

4 Arrested Over Ga Mantse Installation

Four have been arrested in connection to the uprising of a chaos during a press conference by the Abola Piam We (Clan), at Ga Mashie in Accra.

The Royal House threatened to install a new Ga Mantse after the ABOLA PIAM WE made claims that it’s the rightful clan to install a new Ga Mantse.

Since the demise of Boni Nii Amugi II in December 2004, there has been confusion over who qualified to be the Ga Mantse.

The general consensus is that the ABOLA PIAM WE is the rightful person to be enstooled as the Ga Mantse.

Nii Tackie Teiko Tsuru II became the fifth Ga Mantse to be installed since the death of Nii Amugi II.

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