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Ursula calls for immediate construction of sea defence wall at Gbegbesie-Shiabu

The Member of Parliament (MP) for Ablekuma West, Mrs. Ursula Owusu-Ekuful, has asked government to as a matter of urgency see to the construction of sea defence wall at Gbegbesie-Shiabu in Dansoman to protect residents from tidal waves.

This comes after several citizens in the locality complained about the effect of tidal waves on their families and having uncontrollable effect on their living condition.

One victim in an interview with UTV stated that “My name is Sarah Tagoe. It’s been three months since the sea demolished our homes. Journalists have been here to cover these scenes on several occasions, but the unfortunate situation remains unchanged. There have been instances of tidal wave occurrences in the past, but the last three days have seen the most extreme tidal wave events.

“Due to this, our homes, shops, money, as well as goods have been washed away by the sea. I slept outside yesterday. Out of pity, a neighbour took it upon himself to provide temporary shelters for the victims, including myself. He also contacted the media to address the crisis.”

Another also indicated, “We experience this unfavourable incident almost every year, but this year’s tidal wave is an eyesore. My hard-earned self-contained home has been destroyed, and I doubt I will be able to rebuild again due to my age. As residents of the Shaibu community, we are pleading once again to the government to come to our aid.

“We have been experiencing tidal waves for twelve years. I am a fishmonger who has been in the business for years. One night, while I was asleep, the sea destroyed my home. I was forced to move back, but no matter how far I move away from the sea, it keeps coming closer. We were told the government constructed a sea defence for us at Bench Road, but we don’t see its significance.”

Third victim added, “In my opinion, the unfinished sea defence structure in Glefe is the cause of the tidal waves. The incumbent government has refused to complete the unfinished sea defence construction initiated by the previous government. I will urge the government to address this crisis and take action as soon as possible to prevent it from escalating.”

Reacting to the complains after a meeting with Chiefs and Traditional leaders within the constituency, Madam Ursula said several residents in her constituency have been displaced by tidal waves, and urgent action must be taken to save lives.

In a subsequent interview with The New Publisher, she bemoaned the level of destruction tidal waves have caused within communities in her constituency adding that, immediate action is needed to protect the residents of Dansoman from tidal waves and flooding.

“The sea is really causing havoc. Places where we stood to campaign in 2020 are now under water, and the main road in the community is threatened. We asphalted that road in 2020, and all that investment is in danger of being washed away. If urgent action is not taken to extend the sea defence wall, which ends at Akweteiman, the communities beyond Akweteiman will continue to bear the brunt of the waves,” she said.

Parts of Dansoman have been flooded several times in recent years, leaving residents displaced. In 2021, six communities in Dansoman were submerged in floodwaters after heavy downpours, including Glefe, Ebenezer down, Shiabu, and Gbegbesie.

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