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Victims of Romance Fraud Deserve It – Lutterodt


Controversial relationship analyst George Lutterodt has suggested victims of romance fraud, deserve no sympathy.

The unconventional counsellor said the motivating factor for anyone to part with huge sums of money cannot be love. In his experience, it is often greed.

The discussion on Ghana Connect follows a coordinated simultaneous raid in Ghana and in the UK which led to the arrest of three Ghanaians part of a syndicate.

Their crime allegedly was that they sweet talked their way into the hearts of their vulnerable female victims.

After winning their trust, they exploited that relationship to take money from their and steal their online personal information for further cash withdrawals and unauthorized internet purchases.

But what will make a woman fall for a man she just met on the internet and vice versa? And what really is the crime in exploiting a woman’s trust, love and emotion for cash.

Counselor Lutterodt believes if you can part with huge monies on the basis of meeting a person on the internet whose identity cannot be verified, then “you are not normal”.

He said he has a case of a Ghanaian woman who took a ¢98,000 loan to help a foreigner clear his car in the hope of marriage and green pastures.

“It is greed not love so when they say it is romance, I don’t know where the romance is coming from. People are looking for what is not there and they are hiding in the name of love to disgrace themselves.

“So when you hear somebody is defrauded, legally it is wrong, but socially it is right,” he said.

In some of the reactions to the discussions on social media, a woman who works with the NHS in the UK testified to encountering a victim of romance fraud.

She explained that a patient on the verge of a mental breakdown after parting with £15,000 of her life-savings after falling in love with a Ghanaian man.

Source: Myjoyonline

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