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A man has been jailed for the murder of his partner of 15-years after claiming that she had accidentally died during ‘vigorous oral sex’.

On the night in question, Robert Simpson-Scott, 44, called emergency services and told them that his partner had fallen unconscious, announcing ‘she’s dead, she’s gone, I’ve killed my wife.’

However, when paramedics arrived they discovered Sally Cavender was still alive and she was rushed to Addenbrooks Hospital in Cambridge.

Asked to explain his own injuries when he arrived at the hospital, Mr Simpson-Scott said he had cut his foot on a broken glass and had a head wound from falling down a set of stairs.

Whilst examining Ms Cavender, Doctors found that she had suffered a fractured spine, multiple rib fractures, and a brain injury that left her unable to breathe without assistance – injuries that Mr Simpson-Scott claimed had been obtained from oral sex.

After informing police, Simpson-Scott was immediately arrested for attempted murder and, when his partner of 15 years died shortly after 5.30pm, Simpson-Scott’s charges were elevated to murder.

Although he admitted manslaughter at Cambridge Crown Court on June 10, after a trial, he was found guilty of murder and will be sentenced on Thursday.

Detective Inspector Emma Pitts: ‘Simpson-Scott viciously took away the life of his partner of 15 years, who no doubt trusted him beyond measure.

‘Sally’s family will remember her as a much-loved daughter and sister. They describe her as a bright, bubbly girl who loved to travel, go to concerts and was full of laughter and fun.

‘They will never see her again and they have been left absolutely devastated. Simpson-Scott tried to deny the horrific attack but today justice has been done.

‘I hope this fact helps Sally’s family, in some way, to live with their loss and grief.’



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