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“Wake Up From Your Sleep” – Sarkodie Told


A loyal fan of Africa’s most decorated rapper, Sarkodie, is calling on him to, as a matter of urgency, wake up from what he termed ‘an inactive music career’.

According to the fan, the artiste had been redundant and seemed almost satisfied with his status, saying this development had been stressful to many of his loyal fans.

In an open letter to the 2019 Artiste of the Decade, sighted by The New Publisher, the fan detailed, ”At your level, it wouldn’t be out of place if you were touring African countries at least looking at how you were able to break into the Nigerian market with your Twi rap. But you’re still stuck in GH trying to please people who’re simply not impressed with your work over the years.

”I know you have a good heart but that alone doesn’t cut it in this competitive space. You need to be up & doing to be relevant. It hurts to do things with good intentions but get hate for it. Eg. Strongman’s signing and featuring on other GH artists’ songs to help grow their fan-bases.”

The fan believes Sarkodie has placed his career on hold to pave way for others, indicating it has ruined his many achievements over the period, and created an avenue for unnecessary trolls upon him.

”Once you get to the top and stay there for a very long time you naturally attract haters who think you’re blocking the shine of their favourites, so they’ll do everything to take you off. So why’re you still giving them the opportunity to crush you? Stop trying to be the godfather of the industry because they don’t care. Focus on your own growth first.

”It’s not too late to wake up because I feel you’ve relaxed too much & it’s threatening the growth of your career and I see a lot of your fans feel same. Lack of growth will only lead to discouragement which will eventually take a lot of the passionate people away from your camp and you know the results”, part of the letter further reads.

This is not the first time fans of Sarkodie have made suggestions to him concerning his career. Earlier this year, some fans took to social media to express their displeasure at his failure to release new songs.

  1. BRA PABI says

    At least give credit to the fan.
    Who said that?

    1. Justice Dzido says

      Sir, the fan loved the aspect of his name not indicated in the story. He told the writer personally to make his name undisclosed. Thanks

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