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We Will Never Impose Our Will on Ghana – China Assures


The fear that China will one day take over Ghana’s assets after its many financial handouts, can be allayed as Chinese Ambassador to Ghana, H.E. Shi Ting Wang, has assured Ghanaians of a peaceful bilateral tie.

According to him, China values sincerity, friendship an equality while pursuing cooperation with other nations.

Speaking at the Launch of the China-aided Satellite TV Project held in Accra on Wednesday, Mr. Wang said, “We respect Africa, love Africa and Support Africa.”

He noted that China follows a “Five-No” approach in their relations with Africa.

One of the principles according to the ambassador, is not to interfere in an African country’s pursuit of development paths that fit their national conditions.

He noted that China operates a “No interference in African countries’ internal affair; no imposition of our will on African countries; no attachment of political strings to assistance of Africa; and no seeking of selfish political gains in investment and financing cooperation with Africa” policy.

The Chinese representative therefore pledged that China would fully honour the promises that have been made to African countries.

Taking Over

It had been alleged on some international newsfeeds that, Chinese debt-trap is putting the sovereignty of an African country like Zambia’s under threat.

This news has since clasped the Ghanaian populace with so much fear―recalling that Ghana and China had recently signed eight Co-operation Agreements and Memoranda of Understanding, in different sectors of their respective economies.

The launch of the satellite decoders to provide 300 villages across the country with satellite TV, had also been a major concern.

Before the launched, there has been a barrage of criticisms with social advocacy groups, accusing government of handing over the country’s digital space to the Chinese broadcaster for free.

But Mr. Wang has dispelled fears of any takeover.

The debated initiative, according to the Chinese Ambassador would rather help deepen the Ghana to China relationship.

“The two countries have been coming even closer and yielding fruitful results in pragmatic cooperation in all areas since we established the diplomatic relations,” he said.

By: Grace Ablewor Sogbey/

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