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What Is Flirting: And Does It Really Count ?


Flirting is a way of striking up a conversation where you attract the other person using your skills and charm. If you plan on attracting someone while you are in a conversation with them, then you are flirting with them already.

Most people flirt with one another to get them to sleep with them, some people end up flirting unintentionally. However, most people do not consider flirting as cheating. They think it is normal for them to talk to someone in a flirty way.

The question arises, is flirting cheating when you are in a relationship? Keep on reading to find out

When flirting is cheating

If the girl or the guy you are dating end up viewing your flirty conversations how would they react? Would they get hurt and shocked? Are you forced to hide your conversations because it may hurt them?

If this is the situation, then you must change.

You cannot create healthy and long-lasting relationships by hiding stuff from your partner.

Letting your significant other assume that only they are getting your love and attention when this is not the case is a very unfair and mean thing to do. It is advised that your best come clean and let your partner know about what is going on.

Take your partner’s reaction into consideration

The more you hide your conversations and let it be a secret, the more it will hurt your partner and affect your relationship when they find out. Letting your partner know about your flirting can be a very scary thing to do, but their reaction can often be worse.

If things have been going on well, then you might find a way around this problem. If things do not go well, you may end up losing your significant other for good.

The way you expect your partner to react will let you know whether you are cheating or not.

If the way you are flirting can make your partner go crazy and leave the relationship, then it is cheating. If you expect your partner to laugh it off, then it is probably not cheating. Whatever the situation is, avoid hiding your conversations from your partner.

When flirting is not cheating

If you have not been with a girl for very long and have only gone out with her for a date or two, then you can easily flirt with other women, and this goes for girls too. However, no matter the time span, if you make your relationship official, you can no longer flirt.

If you have been dating a girl for some time now and have crossed the line of casual dating to a proper exclusive relationship, it is important that you sit down and have an open talk with your partner.

The sooner you have the conversation with your partner the easier and stronger your relationship will be.

Emotional cheating

Apart from flirting there is also another kind of cheating that most people are not aware of. This kind of cheating can be very devastating for a relationship and is known as emotional cheating.

Emotional cheating is having deep conversations with another person, sharing your deepest emotions, your secrets, being mentally naked and vulnerable to someone else.

An example of this that you come home and let your spouse know everything is fine, but your online friend knows every problem that occurred in your day- this is emotional cheating.

It is important for a relationship that you be as authentic and honest as you can so that your companion does not feel left out.

The slope of flirting

Sometimes flirting can be brushed off easily as harmless fun. But this harmless fun can take a wrong turn of its own.

If the person you are flirting with shares a drink with you and with all the tension building up between you two, one drink can lead to a little kiss and soon into a big mistake.

If you know that you being physical in a relationship will not be tolerated by your significant other, then avoid facing such situations. The ideal thing to do in such circumstances is to stop flirting before getting carried away.

The best answer to whether flirting is cheating or not is; any conversation that you have to delete and hide from your partner is considered cheating

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