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Where Do Ghosts Vote?


It is often said that the fly that fails to listen to advice certainly follows the corpse to its grave…

On June 30, the Electoral Commission (EC) headed by Ms. Jean Mensa started the nationwide registration of new voters ahead of the December elections.

This register is the one to be used in the conduct of the much anticipated 2020 elections even in this COVID season.

Although, the EC had vehemently promised Ghanaians that it would see to the strict adherence of the COVID-19 protocols, what we see now is an entirely different story.

Is it not surprising that as at now, churches, mosques and other social gatherings can only manage one hundred people for just one hour but the government sees nothing wrong with people standing in long winding queues for hours just to get a voter Identity Card?

Is it not safe to state that politicians only think about themselves and things that would inure to their benefit?

Of what use is the voter ID card to a COVID stricken person at the verge of death?

Couldn’t the EC have only registered eligible persons who had turned 18 since the last registration instead of unnecessarily risking our lives in such a manner that it is doing currently?

It is the view of this paper that, it is no more safe in the face of the rising COVID-related deaths in the country in the past few days to continue with the voter registration exercise.

Clearly, we as a country are at this point because of the politicians’ greed, selfishness and hypocrisy coupled with the EC’s stubbornness to compile a new voter’s roll even at the expense of our lives.

So far Ghana has recorded 697 new cases pushing the national tally to 20,085. Five more people have died making the death count 122.

The active cases also are 5,093 with the discharges/recoveries count pegged at 14,870.

What is scary about these statistics is that all the figures we have now are community infection with no new imported cases.

We at THE NEW PUBLISHER will not be prophets of doom but looking at the way the registration is going with the blatant disregard for the COVID protocols, we are sure to have an escalation of the figures when the registration is over.

The effect of this situation is very obvious as more people would die because of the senseless but avoidable interaction with people who might have been infected with the disease occasion by the mass registration of voters.

Maybe when the EC sees that we are all dying one after the other like fowls, they would show us a country where ghosts vote!

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