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Why Men Pull Away


No one said love was fair. And this, probably isn’t going to be the first guy to pull away from you. It isn’t a reflection on you, it’s their thoughts and feelings that result in them pulling away from you. So, don’t take this too personally. Unless, this happens with every guy you meet. But if this happens rarely, don’t take it to heart—easier said than done, right?

1. He’s not into you. How can I put this nicely… he’s just not that into you. He likes you, don’t get me wrong, but he’s not that into you. There are some personality traits he doesn’t like, maybe you chew with your mouth open and it drives him nuts. The point is he doesn’t see you as someone he could be with on a more serious level… or even this level.


2. You both want different things.

You’re looking for something more serious, a committed relationship, but he’s into casually hooking up and going to the bar with his friends. See? You are on different wavelengths, and right now, he’s realizing that. You probably see it too, but you’re trying hard to anchor him down. Listen, it’s not going to work.


3. He’s a player. He loves the ladies, big time. He has a phone full of women that he alternates. You were the “lady of the week” last week but that was last week. Over the weekend, he met someone else and is investing his time chasing her. For him, it’s all a game, and right now, you’re waiting to play your turn.


4. You thought it was exclusive.

When men pull away, sometimes it’s because you two are thinking along two different lines. As in, this is what happens when you’re not communicating with people. You slept with him once, and now you’re changing your relationship status on Facebook.

You viewed the relationship as something more serious than what it was. He realized that you thought it was more and pulled away. He could have talked to you, but he’s immature so it’s easier to ghost you instead.


5. You were too easy.

You were attracted to him on the first date and slept with him. This isn’t necessarily a bad move, the body wants what the body wants. But not every guy is going to continue seeing you. You gave him what he wanted from the very beginning. Now he doesn’t have to chase you, the excitement is gone. So, he’s slowly pulling away because he got what he wanted.


6. He got scared. Men get scared easily, trust me, I know. If you’ve talked about commitment, slept over at his house, made him breakfast in bed–you probably scared him. A man who’s ready won’t be scared by these actions or conversations, but if he’s immature, he’s not going to handle this well. When you’re trying to take the relationship to the next level, if you’re too forceful, he’ll get scared.

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