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Why You Should Put on Your Dancing Shoes and Rock


Dance and how people perceive it has changed over the years. It can open new opportunities in terms of future careers. There are numerous professions in dance. They include, dancing, teaching, and choreography.

People have gone ahead to establish themselves as community dance performers, promoters, producers, designers, publicists, technicians, physiotherapists, medical and alternative practitioners, therapists, writers and academics. Most of this jobs are lucrative as well as satisfying.

However, even if you have no plan whatsoever to translate your dancing skills or lack of it into a career paths, the confidence and benefits gained are insurmountable. Your achievements in dance can build social skills, increases self-esteem and give you the ability to communicate well in a group.

Here are our top reasons why you put on your dancing shoes and rock what your mama gave you.

Dance improves strength and flexibility, keeping muscles and joints healthy.

Keep the body and the brain active… DANCE … this is vital for people of every age.

Dance helps you learn about your body, improving your posture and balance

Dancing releases endorphins and helps to reduce stress levels

Dance can offer insight into other cultures, either through the dance style itself or meeting new people

Dance helps to increase your self-esteem and confidence through mastering new skills

Dance offers a creative outlet for people to express their personalities in a safe environment

Dance is a fun way to open up new possibilities, keep healthy and enjoy yourself.

Source: Etim REPORT

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